Our Packing & Unpacking Services

Learn more about our packing and unpacking services.

Helping you Pack & Unpack your House Moves

At Johnson's Removals we're proud to now offer a packing and unpacking service when it comes to your house moves!

The packing and unpacking of your items can be a stressful part of the house move process - and we're on hand to ensure your belongings are packed using the safest methods and techniques.

Your Choice of Packing Services

Packing Yourself

Wanting to pack up yourself? Not an issue, we can supply boxes, bags, crates and everything in between that you will need for packing up your home nice and safely!

Home Packing Service

With our packing service, you can sit back and relax as our expert team meticulously packs up every item you're taking on your move. From delicate china to bulky furniture, we handle it all with care and precision, ensuring your belongings are safely prepared for their journey to your new home.

Unpacking Service

After the successful transportation of your belongings to your new destination, our dedicated team will meticulously unpack everything for you. From fragile items to bulky furniture, we ensure each item is placed in its designated spot according to your preferences, leaving you to settle into your new home with ease.

How do we pack your items?

Our expert staff undergo regular packing training to ensure your items are as safe as possible.
There are various packing supplies we recommend to protect your belongings:


Wardrobe boxes are used on all moves containing clothing, and are essential to avoid creasing and damaging your garments in transport.

Fragile Items

High-grade bubble wrap and packing tissue are used on all fragile items, ensuring they're nice and safe during transit and unpacking.


TV protectors with built-in screen protectors are always used when moving televisions to ensure safe delivery. Boxes are also available.


Our very own protective covers are essential with every sofa move, no matter the circumstances. Your item's safety is our top priority.

“Excellent service! I had a full house removal by these guys and I was fully satisfied. They were professional and showed a good duty of care whilst moving my items!
Reasonably priced too! Would definitely recommend.”

- Chris (Google Reviews)

“From start to finish, service was outstanding...
Staff were lovely and went above and beyond. Couldn’t recommend enough...
Thank you so much!”

- Megan Bishop (Google Reviews)

“Helpful, funny, cost effective.
Helped me with a student move twice, would 100% recommend, done me a nice deal too.
So so so helpful will always go that extra mile.”

- Dione Inns (Google Reviews)

Learn more about our Home Removals Service

Packing & Unpacking is just a small part of the home moving process, but we're on-hand to help you with the whole thing!

To learn more about our home removals services, check out the Home Removals page on our website:

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